The Canning River Regional Park offers a variety of bushwalking, cycling, kayak and canoe trails following along the beautiful Canning River (Djarlgarro Beeliar).

  • <p>This photograph was taken on the banks of the river. A pathway leads from the left of the picture towards the bridge crossing the weir. In the river, there are ducks swimming and two people on kayaks. There are large trees with green leaves surrounding the grass which is situated in front of the Canning River Cafe. There are yellow kayaks on a trailer attached to a white van and people are walking and playing in the background. </p>
  • <p>The entrance sign to Canning River Regional Park. </p> <p>This is a large blue sign on top of a brown metal sculpture featuring artwork of an Ibis. Text on the sign reads “Canning River Regional Park. Kent Street Weir and Eco Education Centre”. The sign features the logo of the Department of Environment and Conservation, now known as the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions. </p>
  • <p>Wetlands at Kent Street Weir </p> <p>This is a photograph taken flying over the Kent Street Weir. This image shows the dual use pathway that winds through the Canning River Regional Park. To the left of the pathway is the samphire flats, and to the right is the wetlands. The ground is covered in brown and green shrubbery and surrounded by trees with green leaves. There is a built pathway leading to the Canning River, Djarlgarro Beeliar. </p>

The Weir at Kent Street Weir is a partition in the Djarlgarro Beeliar which keeps salty water to one side and fresh water on the other. This allows for two different ecosystems to exist side-by-side, making this Regional Park an important refuge for a variety of bird and other wildlife.

Kent Street Weir

  • <p>Families and friends visiting Kent Street Weir</p> <p>This photograph shows people of all ages visiting Kent Street Weir. It was taken from the grassed open space, facing the Canning River Cafe. In the centre of the photo, there are two women walking along the concrete pathway. To the left of the path is the colourful playground. A woman with a red pram and small child is sitting facing the playground, and there are families nearby playing. To the left of the pathway is a pergola with a red tin roof. There are families using the picnic tables under the pergola and children playing in front. The sky is blue with streaks of clouds and the park is surrounded by big trees with green leaves. </p>
  • <p>One of the universal barbecues at Kent Street Weir </p> <p>This is one of the universal barbecue areas at Kent Street Weir. The stainless steel barbecue is silver in colour, and sits on a concrete slab. The barbecue sits in an open space, surrounded by woodchips with trees in the background. The trees are brown with green leaves.</p>
  • <p>The pathway running from the public toilets to the river</p> <p>This photograph was taken facing the public toilets from the bridge. The image shows a red concrete pathway that leads to the public toilets and sheltered picnic table in the distance. The pathway is surrounded by grass and wood chips, with trees providing plenty of shade. The sky is visible in the background and is blue in colour with white streaky clouds. </p>

Kent Street Weir is a popular spot for families with access for people with disabilities with ACROD parking, wide open paths, public and unisex accessible toilets, dual height barbecues and sheltered picnic tables.

The open expanses of grassed areas make it a great spot to play and explore with friends and family. Along the banks of the river, there is also a canoe/kayak launch where you can experience sand and water play as well as canoeing and kayaking.

  • <p>A Pelican swimming in the Djarlgarro Beeliar, Canning River</p> <p>The photograph shows a Pelican with white feathers on its body and black feathers on its back. It has a long pink beak. It has a black eye which is surrounded by yellow markings forming a circle. The Pelican is floating in the water of the river. </p>
  • <p>A Welcome Swallow </p> <p>This is a close up photograph taken of a Welcome Swallow. The bird is small in size and has a white and black body and a bright orange patch from its beak. Its short beak and legs are brown in colour. The Welcome Swallow is resting on the Kent Street Weir bridge, overlooking the river. </p>
  • <p>Rainbow Bee-eaters</p> <p>This is a photograph of two Rainbow Bee-eaters sitting high on a tree branch against a blue sky background. The birds have a green body, with black, blue, and pink markings around their face and head.</p>

Use this app to explore Kent Street Weir before, during or after your visit.

Please beware of snakes during warmer summer months and ensure children are supervised around the Weir and other bodies of water.

Nature Play WA would like to thank the City of Canning, the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions and Sister Kate’s Home Kids Aboriginal Corporation for providing valuable information about Kent Street Weir and the importance of the Canning River, Djarlgarro Beeliar.

  • <p>The canoe launch area on the right of the bridge as you make your way through Kent Street Weir.</p> <p>A group of four people stand talking on the sand bank that leads down to the Kent Street Weir, on a bright sunny water. A small boat and two kayaks lie at their feet. In the distance a smaller group of people can be seen picnicking. On the far left of the photo, concrete paving leads to the bridge.</p>
  • <p>Kids riding their bikes at Kent Street Weir</p> <p>This is a photo taken of two kids riding their bikes at Kent Street Weir. They are riding on the open grass at the park. Their bicycles are red and they are both wearing blue shirts and helmets. Both are smiling as they ride towards the camera. In the background there are green trees with a barrier fence. To the right of the screen there is a picnic shelter with a red roof. The sky is blue with white fluffy clouds. </p>
  • <p>Children playing in the river</p> <p>This photograph was taken on the yellow sand banks of the river next to a silver bridge. There are three children playing on the riverbank. One is off to the left, with blue bucket hat, and the other two are leaning over the water looking at something. On the far right, there is a man standing on the bridge with a child on his shoulders.</p>
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