The Canning River Regional Park is home to many important plants and animals. These include estuarine plants like samphires, soft needled swamp sheoak and salt-tolerant melalecuas.

There are 97 species of birds in the Canning River Regional Park. Commonly spotted waterbirds are cormorants, swamp hens, ibis, pelican, egret, ducks and spoonbills.

Upstream of the weir, the river environment is home to freshwater-dependent flora and fauna, including native fish such as the western pygmy perch and western minnow, reptiles such as the oblong tortoise and crayfish such as gilgies and marron.

  • <p>Great Egret</p> <p>The photograph shows a Great Egret with white feathers and a yellow bill. It has dark grey legs, and it is standing in water with brown vegetation floating by. </p>
  • <p>Yellow-billed spoonbill</p> <p>This is an image of a Yellow-billed Spoonbill with white feathers. The bird is turning its head sideways to show one eye, and the side of its beak. The yellow beak has a spoon-shaped tip, with a pale pink neck. The bird is resting one leg on a branch hanging over the water. </p>
  • <p>Pacific Black Duck</p> <p>This is an image of a family of Pacific Black Ducks. There is one duck surrounded by eight ducklings who are resting close by. The duck has mostly brown feathers with cream highlights, and a patch of blue on its side. The family of ducks are standing on green grass on the banks of the river. </p>
  • <p>Black Swans on the banks of the river</p> <p>This photograph was taken facing the banks of the river. There is green grass leading to the sandy banks of the river. There are two Black Swans enjoying the sunshine. The bridge can be seen to the right, which crosses to the other side of the river which is lined with trees and shrubbery.</p>
  • <p>Shady trees at Kent Street Weir </p> <p>This photograph was taken overlooking the river. In the centre of the image is two large trees. These have brown trunks and green leaves and provide shelter to much of the grass. There are two benches facing the river, next to each tree. To the right of the image is the bridge crossing the Djarlgarro Beeliar, Canning River. </p>
  • <p>Paperbark trees at Kent Street Weir</p> <p>This photograph features trees and shrubs within the Canning River Regional Park. The bark of the trees is brown and the leaves are green. The sky is showing in the left of the screen and through the trees. The sky is blue and there are white fluffy cloud</p>

Freshwater plants such as flooded gums, river banksia and freshwater melaleucas can also be found here.


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