Offering a unique combination of beach, bush and parkland, Woodman Point Regional Park is an important place for plants, animals and people alike.

  • <p>Woodman Point Regional Park</p> <p>This is a photo of a large purple sign on top of a brown metal sculpture. Text on the sign reads “Woodman Point Regional Park. Jervoise Bay, 500m. Wapet Grove, 1.7km, Boat Ramps 600m.”. </p><p>The sign features the logo of the Department of Parks and Wildlife. </p>
  • <p>The public playground at John Graham Reserve.</p> <p>This image was taken of the playground at John Graham Reserve. The playground is bright in colour and features swings, slides and tunnels. People are using the playground in the distance, and there are two children's bicycles in the centre of the image. The playground is surrounded by green grass, green trees and a bright blue sky</p>
  • <p>There are many cycling and walking trails throughout Woodman Point Regional Park. </p> <p>This photograph shows one of many dual use pathways at John Graham Reserve. The pathway is marked with directional lines and symbols to help users share the pathway with others. The concrete path is red in colour with white lines and symbols and is surrounded by white sand, rocks and trees with green leaves. The sky is blue and it’s a sunny day with no clouds in the sky. </p>

The park features a large, grassed picnic area with a playground, barbecues and shaded picnic tables – as well as plenty of shady trees. Wide flat paths run throughout the entire park, allowing visitors to explore Woodman Point with ease.Watch as the environment changes seamlessly from park, to scrub, to coastal vegetation, and into the cool blue waters of Cockburn Sound.

The Woodman Point Ammo Jetty is a fantastic spot to take the family fishing. Or you can enjoy explore the underwater world by snorkeling nearby.

The beach’s sheltered position and low waves make it the perfect place for families and younger children to cool off.

Once used as a quarantine station and ammunitions store, there are many historic sites around Woodman Point that visitors can explore and learn about.

Woodman Point Regional Park can be enjoyed in an easy day trip, but camping is available at Discovery Holiday Park for those who’d like an extended adventure.

Use this app to explore Woodman Point Regional Park before, during or after your visit.

Please beware of snakes during warmer summer months and ensure children are supervised at the beach and around other bodies of water.

Nature Play WA would like to thank the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions for providing valuable information about Woodman Point Regional Park.

  • <p>Walking across Ammo Jetty. </p> <p>This photo was taken with Ammo Jetty being the central focus. The Jetty extends out across the water, with two kids walking away from the camera into the distance. The jetty has a light grey concrete pathway, with brown wooden framing on each side. The sand on the beach is white, which extends to the clear blue water. The sky above is blue with no clouds in sight. </p>
  • <p>Looking out over the sand dunes along Jervoise Bay. </p> <p>This photograph was taken overlooking Jervoise Bay. The sand dunes have white sand and are covered in green shrubbery. There is a rocky groyne extending into the ocean, which is covered in thick green shrubs. The water in the ocean is clear and blue, which matches the sky above. </p>
  • <p>Woodman Point Headland </p> <p>This photograph was taken of seating located in the main car park at Woodman Point Headland overlooking the ocean. The seat is a light brown wooden beam which sits on a concrete path. The shoreline is surrounded by green shrubs and rocks which overlook the dark blue ocean. The sky is blue and there are no clouds in the sky.</p>


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