• <p>Follow the dirt walk trail to the foot of Lesmurdie Falls. </p> <p>This photo was taken at the bottom of Lesmurdie Falls, looking up to the rocky surface wall extending above. There is a waterfall flowing down with water streaming down the rocks. The rocks are various shades of brown and red, and are covered with green grass. There is a large tree on the left, with a dark brown trunk and branches with a thick foliage of green leaves. The lookout above Lesmurdie Falls can be seen as it extends out and over the rocks. The blue sky can be seen between two fluffy white clouds.</p>
  • <p>The lookout over Lesmurdie Falls. </p> <p>This photograph shows the man-made lookout overlooking Lesmurdie Falls. The lookout is light grey in colour with a handrail forming a fence around the barrier of the lookout. A person in a light grey jumper is walking towards the lookout. The hill the lookout sits on is covered with grass and shrubs that are various shades of green. Small rocks that are cream in colour can be seen in the distance. </p>
  • <p>The view at the lookout at Lesmurdie Falls. </p> <p>This photograph was taken at the lookout over Lesmurdie Falls. Water can be seen rushing down the water fall. A bed of brown rocks is seen next to the flowing water, which is surrounded by grass and shrubs that are light brown and various shades of green. More rocks can be seen on the left of the image, which are mostly dark grey wit patches of light grey rocks. The green bush surrounding the area extends deep into a valley. The bright sky in shining above, creating a glare in the distance. </p>


It only takes a few steps down a trail in Mundy Regional Park to feel like you’re in remote bushland.

With several walk trails to choose from, there’s plenty to explore here.

While some trails will see you winding through native bush featuring grass trees and wildflowers, others offer panoramic views of the city skyline and the Swan Coastal Plain.

Lesmurdie Falls is perhaps the main attraction of Mundy Regional Park. The waterfall rushes 40 metres down a face of granite rock into a valley surrounded by bushland, where it flows into a peaceful stream.

Visitors can view the falls from a multitude of impressive angles, including from trails at the base and top of the falls, and lookouts that sit alongside it.

When in need of a break from exploring, visitors can rest and refuel in the Lesmurdie Falls Picnic Area.

Located just metres from the car park and featuring shaded tables and accessible toilets, it’s the perfect spot to picnic, even if you don’t venture further into the park.

To experience Mundy Regional Park in all its natural beauty, we recommend visiting in late winter and spring. Water should still be flowing throughout the park, and wildflowers including orchids and hakeas will be in full bloom.

  • <p>This photograph is a close-up of a native wildflower. The flower is purple, and his small little finger like stems with yellow bulb tips. There are yellow stems leading out of the plant, with small purple flower bulbs waiting to open and bloom. The branches of the plant are thin and brown, and long green leaves grow along the entire branch leading to each of the flowers. The background is blurred, with shades of green and brown out of focus. </p>
  • <p>The Lesmurdie Brook-Loop walk trail offers spectacular views of native wildlife in Spring.  </p> <p>This photograph shows a portion of the Lesmurdie Brook-Loop walk trail that is surrounded by native bush and wildflowers. The dirt path is light cream/brown in colour and extends into straight into the distance. On both sides of the path there are patches of long, green grass and trees with thin brown trunks and green leaves. There are patches of colourful wildflowers with patches of bright yellow, green and deep red. The sky is shining bright above on the top left of the photo.</p>
  • <p>One of many seating options available at the Lesmurdie Falls pinic area.</p> <p>This photograph shows a shaded picnic area amongst the bush near Lesmurdie Falls. There is a light cream concrete footpath leading to a picnic area. There is a table with a bench seat on either side. These appear to be concrete and area a light cream colour. A light grey beam sits behind the picnic area, which leads to a piece of tin providing shading over the seating. The tin roof is a deep red colour. There are steps leading to this area, with a light grey arm rail leading down to the seating. The area is surrounded by large trees that have brown stumps and branches with green leaves. </p>
  • <p>A concrete path leads to various picnic areas and rest areas. </p> <p>A light grey concrete path extends from the centre of the photo into the distance. At the end, there is a seating area that is shaded by a tin roof attached to a wall or beams (these are covered by trees). Dirt is on each side of the path. Patches of the brown dirt can be seen through fallen brown and light green leaves, patches of bright green grass, and trees and shrubs of different shapes and sizes. Some trees are short with fluffy dark green leaves. Others are tall, with light coloured trunks extending high into the sky, with thick green leaves. The tops of the trees are seen in the distance creating a thick forest. The blue sky is shining above. It is blue on the top left of the image and a bright white on the top right through the trees. </p>
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Dogs are allowed on-lead in the Lesmurdie Falls area and some other areas of Mundy Regional Park, so we recommend keeping an eye out for signs that instruct visitors where furry friends are and aren’t allowed.

Entry into the park is free, and there are two (2) sealed car parks available.

Please beware of snakes during warmer summer months and ensure children are supervised around the falls and other bodies of water.

  • <p>A family enjoying a walk trail in Mundy Regional Park</p> <p>This photograph shows a family walking along a walk trail at Mundy Regional Park. The family is made of two adults and two small children. The adults are wearing light coloured hats and shirts. One child is wearing a pink shirt and blue bucket hat. The other child is wearing blue pants, a light blue vest and a yellow hat. They are surrounded by the bush which is green, brown and yellow in colour. A big grass tree is growing to the left of the image. It has long and thin spikey stems. The city can be seen in the distance behind the family. The blue sky is shining above with a few small fluffy white clouds. </p>
  • <p>There is a large bitumen car park here with two (2) ACROD bays. </p> <p>This photograph was taken in the car park located at the Lesmurdie Falls picnic area. The car park is a light grey bitumen surface with light grey concrete kerbs, a ramp and concrete paths. There are two (2) ACROD bays, each marked with a blue square and a white stenciled outline of a person in a wheelchair. The bush surrounds the car park; large trees with green foliage. There are trees close to the car park, with thick white trunks and long branches with green leaves. <br> <br>A light-grey barrier fence with handrail can be seen on the right of the image, with a brown sign on its left. The sign has four (4) square signs, each with black illustrations. The top sign reads “Look, Lock, Leave” with icons of an eye, a key and a stick figure to illustrate the instructions. The remaining three images depict a picnic table, a male and female stick figure (indicating toilets) and a dog on a leash, giving instructions as to facilities to be found, and permission to bring leashed dog into the park. </p><p> <br>Another light-grey barrier fence with handrail is on the left of the car park, and crosses into the centre of the image. This extends from the top of the car park down into the picnic area. The blue sky is shining brightly above, creating a yellow-tinged glow on the top of the trees. </p>