John Forrest National Park is a great place for bushwalking. Before you head out in nature, visit the Explore Parks WA website for tips on bushwalking safety.

The park has many waterfalls and risk areas. Extreme caution must be undertaken to avoid slippage and falling in such areas.


1. Take care in bushland and grassy areas.

2. Walk and/or cycle in cleared areas only, where you can see the ground.

3. When bushwalking, wear long trousers and boots or other enclosed footwear that preferably cover the ankles.

4. Keep a watchful eye on the ground about a metre ahead of where you are walking, and avoid entering areas of long grass, rushes and undergrowth.

In spring and summer, many reptiles emerge to bask in the sun. During this time you should take precautions to minimise the chance of encountering snakes.

  • <p>This photograph was taken of a long and thin snake. The snake is light brown in colour with patches of dark brown speckles along the snake's body. It has a black beady eye. The snake sits on brown dirt with fallen leaves and twigs. A patch of green grass sits above the snake's head.</p>
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