Interpretive Trail

<p>This photograph was taken overlooking the Dwerta Mia (House of the Wild Dog) Walk Trail. The photo shows the walk trail weaving through the bush. The ground is brown in colour, with trees and green shrubbery surrounding. The trees have long brown trunks with green leaves.</p>
7 Stops
Distance: 500 &nbsp;Loop

Welcome to Boomerang Gorge.

The Yanchep National Park Interpretive Trail follows the interpretive signage exploring the Dwerta Mia, house of the wild dogs.

Follow the trail to learn how the limestone environment was formed over hundreds of thousands of years, and how this environment continues to change through the flow of water.

This Interpretive trail is a 500m return loop along the Dwerta Mia Walk Trail. We suggest following the marked points on the Interpretive Trail to guide you. To view the trail map, click on the map icon at the bottom of the screen.

The trail requires no bushwalking experience and is suitable for prams as the walk follows a flat even path with no steps or steep sections. The trail is suitable for wheelchair users who have someone to assist them.

Nature Play WA would like to thank Trails WA for providing information on the Dwerta Mia Trail. The cover image was provided by Trails WA and taken by Harry Frochter.

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