Points of Interest

<p>Steps leading into Jubula, Fortescue Falls. </p> <p>This photo was taken at the top of the steps at Jubula (Fortescue Falls). The handrail and steps are steel, and the walkway is a grate path. There are trees with light green leaves growing to the left of the handrail. These trees extend through the gorge, and are also seen in the distance. The walls of the gorge are red and uneven with rocks and green shrubs scattered throughout. The sun is setting in the distance, and a light glow is shining on the top half of the gorge. The blue sky can be seen above, which is illuminating the top of the gorge. </p>
19 Stops

*When listening to the audio recording, please note that some traditional language may be mispronounced due to the text to speech technology used.

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Amenities and Points of Interest include:

  • Dales campground
  • Eco Retreat
  • Bilungunha (Hancock Gorge)
  • Jijingunha (Joffre Gorge)
  • Jubula (Fortescue Falls)
  • Jubura (Fern Pool)
  • Knox Gorge Lookout
  • Minhthukundi (Hamersley Gorge)
  • Ngirribungunha (Dales Gorge)
  • Oxer Lookout
  • Recreation areas
  • Three Ways Lookout
  • Visitor Centre
  • Walhibindamunha (Circular Pool Lookout)
  • Weano Gorge
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