Points of Interest

<p>Follow the trail across this beautiful handcrafted wooden bridge</p> <p>This photo shows part of the Lesmurdie Brook-Loop walk trail. A person is walking along the trail in the distance, towards a wooden handcrafted bridge. The person is wearing a white beanie, light blue shirt and black tracksuit pants. The bridge crossed the water, which is flowing downstream towards the camera. The water flows over a constructed dam wall and leads off into the bottom left corner of the photo. <br> <br>Green grass and weeds grow on both sides of the stream. A thick forest of trees are seen in the background. These trees have thin brown trunks and thick green foliage. A dirt path can be seen weaving past the pool of water and into the bush. </p>
5 Stops

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Amenities and Points of Interest include:

  • Lesmurdie Falls picnic area
  • Lower Lesmurdie Falls car park and picnic area
  • Walk trails (including Lesmurdie Brook-Loop, Lesmurdie Falls, West Terrace and Whistlepipe Gully).
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