Points of Interest

<p>Walkers following the Wildflower walk trail.</p> <p>The photograph shows two (2) people walking along the trail away from the camera. The person closest to the camera is wearing a black jumper, light brown pants, a blue hat and a blue and orange backpack. They are holding a walking stick on the left and are looking down slightly. The second person is walking across a bridge. They are wearing a pink shirt and hat, black pants and a brown backpack. A dark brown/red paved path leads to the bridge, which has a brown surface and deep red handrails. The bridge crosses over the water, which is seen through green grass and shrubs. Plants of different shapes and sizes are growing next to the pathway and up the hill in the distance. A light grey boulder sits above the pathway behind grass trees. </p>
9 Stops

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Key amenities and points of interest include:

  • John Forrest Picnic Area
  • National Park Falls
  • Swan View Tunnel
  • Hovea Falls
  • Walk Trails (Christmas Tree Creek, Glen Brook, Eagle View and Wildflower Walk Trails)
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